Championship Show 2015 / RESULTS

The Rottweiler Club Championship  Show – 4th April 2015


Ch Show 2015 - BIS Alan Rekert Von Kassel Dasko



Ch Show 2015 - Res BIS Chris Window Ch. Hanbar Matcho


Critique – DOGS     Madame Maria Makomaski [France]

Thank you so much for inviting me to judge your Championship show. For me it was a honour and great experience to come to your beautiful country, to meet so many nice people and to see some excellent dogs. Generally the dogs were very good quality. I saw many excellent typical Rottweiler heads with dark, almond shaped eyes. We all should try to keep this original type, no un-typey and unwanted Molosser type heads with excessive stop and round eyes . I liked well ribbing chests, very good laid shoulders and pronounced forechests, excellent marking.

I believe that, in your breeding programmes, you should pay more attention to correct croup and tail carriage. Many dogs were lost their placement because of incorrect ring tail.

I was delighted with a dogs coming for the final – they were typical of the breed, adhering closely to the Breed Standard and moving soundly and harmoniously, as an endurance herding dog should! Four super specimens of the breed – I congratulate you. Thank you all for entering and showing your dogs under me and be sporting about my decisions.

I loved the ambience, the clubhouse was great and the catering super- thank you for your great hospitality ! I want to give a big thank you to all people from the Committee who made this show possible – you did an excellent job in every part ! ..…and my ring stewards for be so patience with me!

Hope we all meet again

Dr Maria Makomaski  


1st Nicol’s CH JACRAILA MR INCREDIBLE JW   Big sized male, powerful, very harmonious built, friendly. Strong masculine head, well carried ears, dark eyes, scissor bite. Very good top and bottom line, large deep chest, strong loin, correct croup, very good angulations. Docked tail. Sound movement with very good reach and drive. Correct coat, rich tan marking.

2nd Allen’s CH HIKAYS THE MONSTER IS LOOSE AT JODIPAS JW ShCM Medium to big size, excellent body proportions, good bones. Large skull, good head profile, a little round brown eyes and open eyelids, scissor bite. Large chest, strong topline, correct angulations. Very good reach when moving, but slightly hackney gait and closed in front. Good quality coat, light brown marking.


Minor Puppy

1st Turnbull’s WESTLODGE THOR   Good size, strong bones, attentive. Good skull, correct length of muzzle, well shaped eyes could be darker, scissor bite. Very good body proportions, good chest, slightly straight front, close paws. Very good top and bottom line, correct croup and tail set, good rear angulations, upstanding. Free movement with a good legs action and firm topline. Correct marking and tan. BPD

2nd Benstead’s FILO LEWIROT AT CARSAL (Imp Pol) RAF  Correct size and substance, good bones. Large head, good stop, medium size ears held too far from the head, dark eyes, scissors bite. Well proportioned body and good topline, croup slightly fall away. Natural angles. Very good movement but pasterns turning out and paws should be most firm. Nice coat, clear marking.

3rd Appasamy & Smith’s   ROTTPHOENIX JANOSH


1st Peffers & Dunhill-Hall FANTASA OVER POWER  Large, strong bones, good temperament. Well proportioned head, good stop, dark brown eyes, scissors bite. Large chest, strong back, good croup and tail. Good rear angles, slightly straight front, well firm paws. Upstanding. Smooth movement with good reaching. Correct coat, large tan marking.

2nd Hopgood’s SAINT LYTHANS DYLAN THOMAS  Medium size, bones of medium strength, correct proportions, attentive. Medium head, ears don’t fit close to the skull, dark brown eyes, scissor bite. Good topline, need more front angulations, a little short croup, tail curled over the back. Free gait with enough reach, but down in pasterns. Need more drive. Good tan marking.



1st James & Thompson BAMABEL ABERAHAM  Excellent proportions, attentive. Nice large head, correct ears, good gums pigmentation, nose should be darker, scissor bite. Large and deep chest, good forechest, straight back. Very good front and rear angulations, paws need to be more firm. Very good topline in the movement, very good reach and drive. Correct coat, clean marking.

2nd Walsh’s JEZEVE JIVE TALKIN   Big size, good substance, still slightly “on the legs”. Masculine head, good stop and muzzle, dark brown eyes. Very good chest, straight back line, correct croup and tail. Correct front and rear angulations, upstanding. Stable topline on the movement, very good reach, need more drive. Nice coat, correct marking.



1st Rowarth’s DARKARMAR EMINEM  Large, harmonious, strongly built. Large skull, very good head profile, dark eyes, scissors bite. Strong neck, very good top and bottom line, well developed chest and forechest. Well laid shoulder, correct croup and set on the tail. Natural angulations, compact feet. Free and fluid movement with good drive. Correct coat and marking.


Medium size, medium bones, good proportions, friendly. Correct head, well sitting ears, dark brown eyes, scissors bite. Correct top and bottom line, slightly sloping croup. Good chest, needs more forechest and front angulations. Good topline on the movement, enough reach, should have better drive. Very good coat and marking.



1st Tousent & Crawley MINAELEA TAYLORED BY CHOICE  Correct size, good bones, good proportions, nice temperament. Good head profile, dark brown eyes, medium size flopping ears, slightly pink gums, scissors bite. Dry neck, good chest, forechest should be more pronounced. Upstanding front with correct paws. On the movement soft topline and slightly cow hock, enough reach and drive. Correct coat and marking.

2nd Fountain’s CASSARLA POUS MAXIMUS 51. Medium to large, correct build and proportioned male. Large, wrinkled skull, good stop, correctly set but held too far from the head ears, dark brown eyes, scissor bite. Very good top and bottom line, well developed chest, slightly short croup. Correct front and rear angulations, compact feet. Firm back in movement, good reach and rear action. Typical coat with good marking.

Post Graduate

1st Jordan & Morris DORTMUND GAVALAAR  Medium size, very good bones strength, well proportioned. Masculine head, good profile and stop, correctly set and carried ears, dark brown, little round shaped eyes, very good gums pigmentation, scissor bite. Strong neck, well developed chest, straight back. Very good topline in movement, good reach and drive. Correct coat and marking.

2nd Sweet’s SAINT LYTHANS ICE ON THE MOON   Large, substantial, well built. Good skull and cheek development, dark eyes, very good gums pigmentation, scissor to pincer bite. Very good top and bottom line, sloping croup. Correct front and rear angulations, good feet. Free movement with good action. Very good temperament.



1st Rekert’s VONKASSEL DASKO Big size, very harmonious, excellent body proportions. Strong, clean masculine head, dark eyes, large muzzle, scissor bite. Strong neck flowing into a straight compact back, correct underline. Excellent shoulder, chest and forechest. Very good angulations, toes could be a little shorter and tighter. Dynamic, ground-covering gait with excellent reach and drive. Stable topline on the move. Very good coat, brown marking. CC BIS

2nd Tearle’s TERLINGFAIR HECTOR   Large, powerfully built, harmonious. Large head, good stop, good cheeks, deep muzzle, dark eyes, good pigmentation, scissor bite. Large chest, medium lay of shoulder, large loin. Excellent topline in movement, good reach and drive. Correct coat, rich tan marking.



1st Window’s CH HANBAR MATCHO JW  Medium to large size, compact and harmonious. Strong, dry head, good skull and cheek development, dark eyes, correct gums pigmentation, scissor bite. Large neck, strong topline, well laid shoulder, well angulated, slightly open paws. Free, fluid movement with excellent reach and drive. Slightly heavy coat, brown marking. RCC

2nd Poole’s ROSTOCK CLAAS  Large, harmonious, well proportioned. Strong head, correct head profile, brown dark eyes, medium sized well set ears, good muzzle, scissor bite. Large chest, need more forechest, very good neck and topline. Very good front and rear angulations, good paws. Free movement with good drive. Correct coat, brown markings.




Ch show 2015 - RBIS & BOS Truman & Brownridge Jaegerot Cheeky Vimto


Trueman & Brownridge’s JAEGEROT CHEEKY VIMTO JW

Ch Show 2015 - RCC Topham & Maltas Virlees Cassiopia


Critique – BITCHES   Mr Roy Baker [Sylbecq]

Not having judged the breed since 2009 I was a little apprehensive about what I might find, but if my entry was anything to go by then the breed is in a very healthy state and on the evidence of what I saw at this show you should be very proud of your custodianship of the breed. Almost without exception exhibits were well conditioned and healthy.  I found only three examples which were not Fit for Function, two of them had rear movement so bad that it could only have been caused by skeletal problems.  The other bitch had wet eyerims. Bites were uniformly excellent, and dentition was complete.  In the entire entry I found just one missing PM1. Temperaments were superb, not a grumble throughout my entire entry and only one exhibit that was even the slightest bit shy, and even she settled given a few minutes. Thank you to the Committee for the invitation, and to the exhibitors for making me so welcome and for accepting my decisions so sportingly. I enjoyed my time with you immensely.



1st            Allen’s Ch JODIPAS KANDITIME JW ShCM.  Excellent type,  compact & balanced, gentle feminine head & expression, dark eyes,  neat well placed ears, beautiful line through her neck into her well angulated shoulders, strong straight topline, correct croup, very well marked,  tan clear but could be a tad darker, positive action, good reach & drive.

2nd            Moran Potter’s Ch SUNDRIFTERS MASKERADE  Another lovely girl, I just preferred Kanditime’s head & expression but still feminine, crested neck flowing into well placed shoulders,  broad chest, firm straight topline, rounded croup,  powerful driving action.

3rd           Ch JHAVA STOP LOOK N’LISTEN, another wonderful girl who rounded off a trio of excellent bitches, super head & expression, dark eyes,  neat ears, correct angles front & rear, strong topline,  well rounded croup, moved very well,  liked her a lot.


1st            Dunhill Hall & Davies’  FANTASA SMIRNOFF BLU VIOLET, outstanding prospect full of type & quality, feminine head,  delightful expression, dark eyes, neat well placed ears, excellent line through the neck & shoulders, firm strong topline, good bone, clear well placed makings though the  tan could be slightly richer to advantage, true coming & going, superb fluency in profile gait. Best Puppy Bitch / Best Puppy in Show.

2nd           Lambert’s SEITTOR THE TEMPTRESS, another lovely puppy, excellent balance & quality, feminine expression, well marked, strong straight topline, well defined croup, tail carried well, moved positively on good legs & feet.

3rd           Hardy’s HIKAY’S DIFFERENT BY DESIGN FOR VARYKINO, balanced feminine head, dark eyes, well placed neat ears, top of muzzle showing rather too much ridge where the cartilage joins the bone, good forehand, strong topline, moved well in profile, slightly tight coming & going.


1st            McClean & Shaw’s, LEYLA VON DER ALTEN FESTUNG (Imp Hrv) most attractive bitch, feminine head, well defined markings, rich dark tan, beautiful line through the neck & shoulders, strong straight topline, good underline & balance, moved true fore & aft, fluent in profile with good reach & drive, slightly rangy at the moment but an excellent prospect when she matures and fills out a little.

2nd           Herbert’s KELANDAZ ADELAIDE FOR CEEAROTT, balanced, attractive head, good forehand, topline & quarters, slightly short in upper arm, another who needs time to come to her best.

3rd           Tearle’s TIESTO EDGE OF TOMORROW, short & cobby, pleasing head somewhat spoiled by pronounced saggital bone,  good shoulder, her strong topline lacks croup which results in high tail placement causing it to curl onto the back.


1st            Benstead’s CARSAL PRISKA, lovely shape & balance, sweet feminine head, super line through the neck into well laid shoulder, straight strong topline, good croup,  well set tail, moved true coming & going, very well in profile, must have a bright future.

2nd            Spencer’s JEZEVE CARIBBEAN QUEEN WITH BELLARRY, shapely & feminine, strong topline, rounded quarters, well carried tail, moved very well, a beautiful bitch but for me the impression is spoiled by the smutty tan.

3rd           Hopgood’s ST LYTHANS SEA BREEZE, pleasing bitch, sweet feminine head, neat well placed ears, eyes could be darker to advantage, excellent shoulder,  firm topline,  moved very well.


1st            Lockyer’s SCANIAN A TASTE OF HONEY FOR GUARDAMI, quality bitch maturing well, attractive feminine head, well placed neat ears,  dark eyes, pleasing line through her neck into her well laid shoulders, balanced robust body,  outstanding action, well set & carried tail,  another where I should prefer clearer tan.

2nd           Harvey’s ROTTAMORE PRETTY IN PINK, attractive shapely bitch, good head, pleasing expression, wonderfully attentive, would prefer slightly drier skull, strong topline, correct croup, somewhat short in upper arm which extends her underline giving the impression that she is long.

3rd            Courtney-Baughan’s PENDLEY IVETTE AT WHISPERDOWN, pleasing head, shapely body, clear well defined markings, good croup & tailset, dips slightly behind the withers but moves well.


1st             Lambert’s SEITTOR THE TEMPTRESS


1st             Topham & Maltas’ VIRLEES CASSIOPIA, I was amazed to find a bitch of this quality still in Post Graduate, lovely feminine head,  superbly balanced body, wonderful line through her crested neck into well laid shoulders, strong topline,  correct croup giving an exemplary tailset, true coming and going. In the class she appeared a little restricted in profile gait though she easily did enough to win; in the Challenge however, when the rings had been opened up she extended better & flowed round the ring. Well deserved the Reserve Challenge Certificate.

2nd            Haigh’s TIANKO AGATHA, another most impressive girl, feminine head & expression, not the forehand of  Cassiopia but good enough, strong topline,  good croup, well set tail,  moved fluently.

3rd           Clark’s BOTLIERSKOP EMPRESS JAYDE, well constructed lass, excellent topline, very good angulation, skin too loose on her skull and jowls.


1st             Trueman & Brownridge’s JAEGEROT CHEEKY VIMTO JW,  even in an entry full of superb bitches this girl stood out for me, not just for type & quality but for her wonderful movement which is amongst the best I have ever judged in the breed. Medium sized bitch, balanced feminine head though the skull could be drier to advantage, dark eyes, neat well placed ears,  superb body proportions, crested neck flowing seamlessly into well laid shoulders, firm topline, correct croup giving her a perfect tailset & carriage, excellent bone, the best of legs & feet, rich tan markings. On the move she is peerless having impressive reach & drive & never once breaking stride, an object lesson in just how well Rottweilers can move. Challenge Certificate / Best Opposite Sex / Reserve Best in Show.

2nd            Leask’s DORTMUND GLAMOUR GIRL AT GRANJOLEA JW ShCM, another very nice girl, excellent head, great line through the neck & shoulders, strong straight topline, rounded croup, well set tail, not as positive on the move as Cheeky Vimto or Cassiopia.

3rd           Reid’s DERSIEGER’S JETSETTER FOR TRECEALY JW, large athletic girl completing a trio of outstanding bitches, pleasing feminine head & expression, well proportioned body, good neck & shoulder, strong topline, richly coloured well defined markings, powerful action but I have seen her move better.


1st             Clark’s DORTMUND SHOCKWAVE, stylish girl, pleasing head,  dark eyes,  well placed ears, very good line through the neck & shoulders, rounded quarters, well set tail,  balanced substantial body,  tends to slacken in topline on the move, nonetheless a very beautiful bitch who headed an excellent class.

2nd           Softley’s Ch ROJANEVA KISS, another lovely feminine lass, pretty head, well angulated shoulder, strong straight topline, well set tail, tan could be darker, moved with great reach & drive.

3rd           Fenwick’s RONMAL GUCCI BY GUCCI, very pleasing, feminine head, dark eyes,  neat well placed ears, strong topline, rounded quarters, well set tail, positive driving action.

SPECIAL WORKING            No entries.

Ch Show 2015 - BVIS Iabel Nicol Ch Jacraila Mr Incredible