KC Good Citizens – Passes GOLD

 Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards

In order to reach the Gold standard, all dogs must have completed the Bronze and Silver awards first.


Robert & Laura Cornish with Tia [Tiesto Shaniah] *
Julie Johnson with Dixie [Cornerpix Dixieland Rock BH]
Darren Ansell with Bo [Cornerpix My Boy BH, Obedience Pre-Beginners EXCELLENT]
Ross McCarthy with Utz [Hanbar Karlo]
Sharon Fenwick with (?) [Ch Estalea Rainbow Gucci at Ronmal] [Temperament Assessment EXCELLENT  Grade 3]
Sharon Fenwick with (?) [Jhava Minnie the Moocher at Ronmal]
Britta Edwards with Scarlet [Abuklea Fatal Attraction] and Billie [Abuklea Foreign Affair]
Jenny Banham with Norman [Tallyman Rocco]
Paul Tune with Mackeson [Bearwithme Return to Sender]
Claire Fallon with Diesel [Angelfire King for a Day]
Tammany Simpkin with Lanza [Panelma Wotyermacall Tammanend]
Gwen Bennett with Eos [Beiderbecks Eos at Benjona]
Pam Durrance with Sadie [Fernwood Joule]
Trudi Weber with Ella [Warrimead Oxanna]
Susan Coplestone Max [Astic Worrier Boy]  
Jo Welch with Rudi [Parvenu van Helsing BH] 
Kye Ansell with Jet [Parvenu Yna]
John Johnson with Tinker [Parvenu Yuri BH, Obedience Novice EXCELLENT, IPO 1, VPG 2, IPO3]
Di McCann with Yuric [Parvenu Yuric] 
Jenny Banham with Freddie [Parvenu Keifer Kuschelbar] *
Julie Johnson with Kitty [Parvenu Kitty Kuschelbar BH, Obedience Novice EXCELLENT] *
Simon Chambers with Katja [Parvenu Katinka Kuschelbar BH] *
Sarah Morgan with Fredie [Oakprides Apollo of Melaisey JW ShCM] *
Sarah Morgan with Madison [Our Little Miss Naughty of Melaisey] *
Petra and Chris Thomas with Webster [Falkor’s Activist] *
Anita Thorn with Healey
Anita and John Chuck with Rudi [Chapmeek James Bond]
Julie Campbell with Xsara [Zorgs Blazing Image at Julzez]
Pauline Lockyer with Barney [Gyrima Ghost at Guardami]
Andy Bashford with Zola [Gyrima Flame]
Nicky Richards with Rogue [Newgen Rogue at Ruiz] *
Leanne Howell with Inca [Patragarth Dream Journey to Overfinch]
Alison Williams with Tess [Auberon Solitaire]
Julie Drake with Freya [Alkido’s Akiva]
Julia Williams with Riley [Bolia Sweet Fact or Fiction] *
Corinna Diamond with Nero [Stocktonbrok Rudolf]
Liz Holden with Molly [Westlodge Dream of Me in Rottknight] and Abbey [Westlodge Xtravagant mit Rottknight]
Trudi Weber with Scrumpy [Warrimead Mona] *
Christine Smith with Fletcher
Andy Bashford with Rossi [Gyrima For One Night Only]
Donna Brunyee with Luger [Samala’s Bregon * [also PAT dog]
Georgina Lucas with Roman [Ceearott Black Diamond] and Miah [Ceearott Cry Freedom]
Corinna Diamond with Amber [Estalea My Girl, JW]
 *  Breed Temperament Assessment Graded Excellent