KC Good Citizens – Passes BRONZE


Ruth Montague with Winnie [Chapmeek Whispering Star]
Laura Cornish with Tia [Tiesto Shaniah] *
Nathan Ward with Suzy [Juffther Feel The Rainbow]
Tina Ezzard with Karla [Hanbar Hera] *
Leanne Howell with Riley [Overfinch In a Daze]
Debbie Walsh with Frank
Katie Walsh with Tioz [Newgen Askia]
Simon Stevens with Troy [Guardami White Noise]
Alan Colman with George
Andrea Coles with Cara [Ceearott in Perpetuum at Marvelrott] / Ziva [Ceearott Tarantella at Marvelrott] / Buffy [Ceearott Quickstep]
Victoria Herbert with Magnum [Ceearott Magnum Opus]
Gemma Oates with Heidi [Juffther All That Glitters at Rottamore] and Kane [Wildheart Apache]
Tea Hansen with Kimber [Milorsarjo Cool Colonel]
Carly Montague with Roobie Roo [Chapmeek Molly Malone]
Julia Williams with Katie [Bolia Sweet Katatonia] *
Kirsty Coates with Phoebe [Trudos Charmed Edition at Jokerstar] and Paige [Oakprides I’m Paige at Jokerstar]
Jo Ellis with Chinnie [Falkor’s Alchemist] *  and Minx [Falkor’s Burmaiden] *
Jane Duce with Mia [Falkor’s Almoner] *  and Blade [Falkor’s Bladesmith] *
Jackie Thomson with Tommy [Pipenya Private Cruiser at Jantavia]
Lucy Roberts with Dolfi [Pendley Claudia for Roloki]
Juliet Davies with Cody [Oakprides Final Stand at Skiory]
Jill Hatfield with Fannie [Megalmar Fannie Fannacapan at Meoness]
Sarah Smith with Millie [Guardami Heaven Can Wait at Loufrasco]
Linda and Neil Hammett with Declan [Gyrima Second in Command at Brodecs] / Amy [Rostock Santa Paws at Brodecs] / Khan [Falkor’s Burneman]
Clair Jarrett with Leah
Fay Bendell with Jess
Viki Herbert with Cleo [Rojaneva Dark N Dainty at Ceearott]
Anna Barfield with Meg [Dromnagus Monty’s Secret]
Julie Campbell with Sumo [Julzez Little Sumo]
Judy Spooner with Harriet [Ferara Harriet of Audaxus] / Rory [Audaxus Book of Shadows] / George [Audaxus Midnyte Magick] / Bella [Audaxus Whyte Wytch]
Carly Bennett with Macie [Estalea Rainbow Paris]
Tina Osborne with Bo [Dortmund Sure to Please at Tianko] and Arthur [Tianko Run What You Brung]
Jemma Oates with Annie [Fantasa Lady Soul]
Stuart Robertson with Xena [Kraisula Touch of Magic]
Terri Cockerill with Sky [Gamegards Windsong at Alkido]
Katie Burbridge with Tilly [Alkido’s Papa Don’t Preach]
Julie Houghton with Lily [Alkido’s Hanky Panky]
Debbie Poynter with Remedy [Tallyman Reia] *
Mark Dine with Cass [Carsal Deep Desire]
Kim Cussans with Fey [Ronmal Memphis Belle]
Julia Williams with Lottie [Bolia Sweet Florentine] *
Ruth Montague with Pooh Bear [Jokerstar Hunk O Love] *
Carly Montague with Tigger [Jokerstar Burning Love] *
Wendie Stacey with Elvis [Quizerius Mr. Bojangles]
Mick Johnston with Tyler [Bearwithme Always on my Mind]
Sandra and Dave Lambert with Heidi [Rottivanas Ultimate Finale with Seittor JW ShCM] and Dexter [Ch. Ir Ch. Fernwood Eclipse over Seittor JW ShCM] and Violet [Ch. Seittor Assume the Position JW Shc]
Liz Holden with Rottknight Snowcloud and Rottknight White Christmas
Leanne Howell with Ava [Overfinch On A Mission] and Abe [Overfinch Shine A Light]
 *  Breed Temperament Assessment Graded Excellent