KC Good Citizens – Passes SILVER


Simon Chambers with Nemo [Cornerpix Ready Teddy  BH]
Tina Ezzard with Ruby [Kassasan Blood Red Rose]
Sue Williams with Nala [Gracezheim Skysurfer]
Andrea Coles with Mr B [Bailey]
Gemma Oates with Annie
Merete West-Hanson with Bindi [Stormhaus Bronte]
Graham Walsh with Cassie [Stormhaus Cassandra] and Dexter [Fenrir’s Dexter]
Christine Appleyard with Emma [Jantavia Phoenix Dawn] *
Tea Hansen with Odin [VonKassel Dynamite]
MacKenzie Afrin with Otto
Sue Copplestone with Max
Ginette Sewell with Layla [Guardami Calamity Jane]
Julie Haynes with Gracie [Guardarmi Funny Girl]
Kirsty Copplestone with Poppy
Jo Ellis with Finley [Abuklea Catch Us If You Can at Falkor ShCM] *
Cindy Wishart with Rommie [Falkor’s Anarchist] *
Lucy Roberts with Odin [ Firemoon Dandy Dashing for Roloki]
Sarah Morgan with Faith [Rottivana’s Vodkamartini] *
Juliet Davies with Rio [Beawise Daisy Moon of Skiory]
Juliet Davies with Sky [Midnight Sky’s the Limit]
Jenny Banham with Ruby [Tallyman Giselle]
Julie Campbell with Zack [Zorgs Icefox at Julzez]
Tina Osborne with Tia [Gracezheim Stroller at Tianko]
Leanne Howell with Remus [Patragarth Captain Jack of Overfinch]
Andrea Coles with Bailey
Leanne Howell with Mona [Hootsmon Taken by Surprise at Overfinch]
Terri Cockerill with Kemi [ Alkido’s Akimi Akiki]
Helen Collins with Koda [Alkido’s Material Girl]
Emma Ellis with Norma [Bereyda Yummy Crummy]
Jane Chambers with Daisy [Bolia Sweet Fact or Fiction] *
Emma Ellis with Norma [Bereyda Yummy Crummy]
Trudi Weber with Flora [Penvalter Abebi]
Donna Brunyee with Ice [Samala’s Queen Jardis]
Olive Davison with Chelsey [Firemoon Three of Diamonds] and Rosie [Jhava Calendar Girl at Firemoon]
Georgina Lucas with Treacle [Ceearott Rara Avis]
Leanne Howell with Bella [Hootsmon Betta Than Nothing]


 *  Breed Temperament Assessment Graded Excellent