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The Rottweiler started out as a working dog hundreds of years ago and this is still his inheritance today.  Training should start at an early age and there are many people willing to help you.

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Good Citizen Dog Scheme


Whilst this is not an exact activity in itself, it is worth mentioning here as a good place to start your basic obedience training.  Weekly classes are run by experienced, qualified trainers and are held up and down the country, for a fee. There are three levels of achievement:  Bronze / Silver / Gold.   More information can be found from the Kennel Club at:


There are many activities at which the Rottweiler excels, and these all use a basic training method of praise and reward. These activities include:


Group stay in competition
Competitive Obedience requires accuracy and precision.  Trained in the right manner with lots of praise and reward, the Rottweiler is very suited to this activity. There are several elements:  Heelwork / Recall / Retrieve / Sendaway / Stays / Scent / Distance Control.  Classes start with Pre-Beginners through to Class ‘C’ which is the top Championship level. More information:


This fun sport has grown in popularity.  It is a basic course over a series of obstacles which include: Jumps / Weaving Poles / A-Frame / Dog Walk / Seesaw / Tunnels / Tyre.  The aim is to complete the course in the fastest time; your dog should be kept fit and slim and you need to be especially fit yourself too!  More information: 



This is a team sport in which four dogs run in relay and jump hurdles, catch the flying ball by stepping on a pedal which releases the ball; then going back to the handler over the same jumps.  The fastest team wins. The sport is noisy, fast and furious and the dogs love it!     More information:


Tinker competing in Europe


         [Photo courtesy of Mario Montes Klaver (Munanis) – Netherlands]
These sports are for the serious competitor.  They consist of four basic components:  Control / Agility / Tracking / Protection.  They are extremely challenging sports which require total control of your dog as each stage becomes more intense. To get to the top stakes the dog has to compete and qualify in each stage, starting at the bottom.  Working Trials are unique to the UK but IPO is practised the world over and is growing in popularity. Training and competition takes place in all weathers!  There are five achievement levels in Working Trials known as “Stakes” – from the lowest to highest: Companion Dog / Utility Dog / Working Dog / Tracking Dog / Patrol Dog.  More information: