Is the Rottweiler Right for You?

“The dark guardian of the family” was used, many years ago, to describe the Rottweiler and this is just as applicable today.  It is imperative that you understand the long-term responsibility you will undertake if you decide that the Rottweiler is right for you (and the breeder decides that you are right for it).   It is very easy to be captivated by an engaging litter of black and tan bundles of fun, but puppies, like children, grow up all too quickly.

When mature, the Rottweiler is a strong, very demanding, somewhat arrogant animal, with a highly developed guarding instinct. It is essential to understand that, once mature, a 100 lbs. plus of muscle and sinew will need to be trained from an early age, to be under control.  This breed needs firm, sympathetic handling, is quick to learn, and so will learn bad behaviour unless corrected kindly but consistently.  It is all too easy for the inexperienced to try and make a Rottweiler “guard” but this is neither necessary nor advisable.

In the right hands the Rottweiler is easily trained, and his enthusiastic nature can be channelled into some form of obedience training; they love to chase balls, are a fun and playful breed but are also a loyal and dependable addition to the household.  The family environment is ideal for a Rottweiler as they relish human contact and are not happy left alone for long periods. They should not be left chained outside or alone in a kennel.  They want to be wherever you are, sharing your life and offering you companionship and protection.   On the down side, like any other dog they shed hair, slobber and leave muddy paw marks around the house.   Some of them have an unfortunate habit of standing on your feet!  Sometimes they push their head under your elbow to gain attention and this can be a bit annoying when you have a hot mug of tea in your hand!

The Rottweiler puppy is, and will continue to be for the first twelve months of his life, expensive to rear.  Reputable breeders will insist on satisfying themselves that you are able to feed and house such a large breed – and so you must not mind being put through the “third degree”.   If you do decide, after much soul-searching and interrogation, that you still feel up to the responsibility of owning a Rottweiler, then The Rottweiler Club will welcome you and do its best to help you.