[Photo: courtesy Mario Montes Klaver (Munanis)  – Netherlands]

Prior to 2007 the Rottweiler in the UK was a traditionally docked breed until the enforcement of the Animal Welfare Bill.  The practice of tail docking (or amputation of the tail) is now banned in most countries in Europe and Scandinavia.  The puppy-buying public were not previously aware that they had a choice of having a puppy with its tail left on, but many people believed that leaving tails on would soften public opinion of the breed and give it a more ‘approachable’ look.  Humans, as well as dogs, read a dog’s temperament by the position and carriage of the tail, as well as the head and ears.  So, a natural wagging tail is very reassuring.



The following tail carriages are correct:

[Photo: courtesy Kiene Zandbergen (Ter Waele) – Netherlands]






Above and below are the same dog

These are different bitches



Three correct tail carriages for the Rottweiler are given below – bottom right is not correct

[permission to use illustration kindly given by the ADRK, Germany]